Naked Fear

Sometimes a person just has to challenge the Creator.

Sometimes a person just has to challenge the Creator.

Do we always have to accept the way things are? Do we not need to protest those things and actions that whisper to us that ‘this is wrong”? And, who are we exactly challenging, to whom are we protesting?

For so many, there is a believed clear answer – God. It is convenient to be able to place blame on either God or Satan. It takes the pressure off of ourselves and gives us a strange satisfaction in becoming a victim of others, of supernatural forces and beings. It absolves us of having to fix or to change that which first stirred up feelings of disquiet, disharmony within our souls.

All the problems in our collective life and in our personal lives are lain at the feet of others – neighbours, colleagues, spouses, enemies, politicians, religions, the economy, etc. We then wear a mantle of blamelessness leaving us to freely judge everyone around us. Yet, deep down we know better. We know that there are shadows within our very being that are stirring. We flee from these shadows and project our own darkness onto others. We fear the hidden beast, that dark shadow of soul that holds all the evil we deny exists within us. And in the process, we add to the collective shadow where evil roams freely and unchecked in the world.

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