Naked Shadows Revealed

Within each of us is a shadow, that denied version of ourselves that refuses to be silenced.

Within each of us is a shadow, that denied version of ourselves that refuses to be silenced.

This post came to my attention while I was meditating this morning. Sometimes it works that way. I acknowledge those things that appear in my mind and then let them go. If there is something that is worthy, in my opinion, in an idea or image, then I follow up on it after meditation.

I will be giving a presentation on the shadow to a group of folks interested in learning more about Jungian psychology next month. This image won’t be used in the presentation as I am addressing a non-naturist group in a public space. Because I want them to hear what I have to say rather than to react to my appearance or the images that I will use during the presentation, I will ensure that the images and my person don’t become a distraction, a focal point. But here, I can tell it like it is without worrying about offending anyone.

Of course, people coming here are not all naturists or nudists or whatever term one wants to use, and of course, some will be offended by what they see here or what they read here. That is their choice, the same as it was their choice to come to this page. Needless to say, where there is a sense of being offended, the shadow has made an appearance, the shadow that belongs to the person who feels offended. It really is that simple. What works us up, what offends us is more about ourselves than it is about who or what we blame. Something to think about.

4 thoughts on “Naked Shadows Revealed

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  2. I think that what we are offended-by, whether it be someone’s foul mouth, or the sight of a nude person, is only a small sub-set of our overall “preferences-package”. Yes, it DOES reflect on who we are, because it is based on our complete life-experience, and reflects both the positive and the negative aspects of our life.

    Why do I have a soft-spot, a preference, for blue-eyed blondes? One look at me is all it takes to explain that one, because I have blue eyes, and as a kid, I was a toe-head, a blonde. Does that mean that no other women are beautiful? Of course not, but I am probably related to that blue-eyed blonde somewhere back down the line.

    I have a strong preference for interacting with people of above-average intelligence, because: 1) I am smarter than the average bear. 2) I don’t like to have to “dumb-down” my speech and vocabulary for other people. 3) I find that people who are intelligent and well-educated, or at least well-read, are much more intellectually-stimulating for me. Are people who are of a lower intelligence-level a “lower-grade” of human? Absolutely not, but if I have my druthers, I prefer to spend time with people who are closer to my intellectual-peers.

    On the other side of the coin, I am offended by people who use a lot of profanity, particularly by those who take God’s name in vain. I have a strong belief and faith in God, and using His name as profanity not only offends Him, it offends me. I find that most people who use a lot of profanity have poor vocabulary and equally-poor general language skills, even if they aren’t generally-low in intelligence. There are some blue-collar working-class people who don’t know any different or any better.


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