Naked Mindful Meditation

Every morning I meditate with early morning sunshine filtering through the leaves of trees in our back yard. I sit at the entrance to our casita with door open so that the breezes as well as the occasional rays of sunshine can touch me. I meditate with a state of openness, not trying to force meditation into one direction or another. I meditate with my eyes opening slightly before gently resting as I get caught up in my breathing.

Breath in, breath out, pause – repeat. My eyes open not in search of anything, but simply to accept unquestioningly that which appears before my eyes, not judging, not valuing or devaluing. What is seen is simply just seen just like the breath going in and out is just breath.

A thought appears, and I notice its presence and simply let it go without trying to work out what that thought is trying to tell me. I learn to trust that if a thought is important it will return when I leave my meditation cushion. I have spent too many meditation hours following those rogue thoughts as they create so many fantasies of illusion, thoughts that work emotions to the point that any hope for peace had vanished leaving me drained. It has taken me years to get to a basic level of peacefulness while meditating, a peacefulness that curiously has seeped into my other hours of wakefulness.

Om mani padme hum.

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