Getting Fit While Naked

Adam in the Garden of Eden

Adam in the Garden of Eden

This photo was taken in our garden area here in Puerto Morelos, a depiction of Adam in the Garden of Eden. Of course photos were also taken of Eve in the Garden as well for the purposes of the poetry book. Our garden has a lot of tropical greenery as well as open areas for a hammock, sunning and dining outside.

We are both noticing that with our daily walks that are typically six miles or ten kilometres long and our eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, we are finding ourselves becoming a bit trimmer though not by any means “buff.” We leave that to the younger crowd who like working out to get six-pack abs.

We simply want to keep our walking up so that when we return to Canada in the spring, we will be able to up our walking distances in preparation for our walking the Camino de Santiago beginning near the end of August. Being in our mid-sixties, we have the intention of finishing the 800 kilometre hike through northern Spain without too much pain. Eating well  and walking often is our training regime for the winter.

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