Naked In The Caribbean Sea

Walking out of the Caribbean Sea on the Mayan Riviera.

Walking out of the Caribbean Sea on the Mayan Riviera.

Another photo taken by my wife during our stay on the Mayan Riviera by Puerto Morelos. The photography project is going very well with many of the planned photos already taken and processed. There are still about a quarter of the photos left to take which I imagine will be concluded in about a week’s time for the most part. There may be an idea or a retake in the weeks following.

I am surprised and pleased at how my wife is engaged in choosing the right photos so as to avoid being vulgar, lewd, or exhibitionist. After all, there is a good chance that our grandchildren will be seeing the book when it is published. So how do you take a photo that isn’t explicit in showing genitalia while at the same time not appearing to be censoring or cropping to avoid offending?

Five weeks into our stay in Mexico and we have both found ourselves with deep tans. With a private garden for sunning and daily meditation; as well as long, long walks along the edge of the sea, the colour of winter has faded into the colour of summer as the image above can attest. Besides getting tanned, we are simply enjoying each day as they it comes whether that means many hours at the beach, or wandering through the village and town, or focused on my writing. Life is a new normal, one that is about being warm rather than suffering cabin fever in a Canadian winter.

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