Naked In The Garden of Eden


In the Garden with a Magical Other

In the Garden with a Magical Other

I was out with my good wife for another one of our ten kilometre walks that became slightly longer as we went off the beach into a forested area and took some Garden of Eden photos. It was an interesting time as we found three different photo locations, one of them on the edge of the beach with people working only about 50 metres to the south and about 75 metres to the north. That beach scene was the site we used for Adam and Eve and the Apple scene.

Today, it is a day free from taking photos and writing as we both need to do other things rather than get into a rut. For me, it becomes time to organise, cull and edit photos for the poetry book, as well as taking a long walk into the village to buy provisions for the next while. Living not far from the sea for three months means that we do all the “normal” things of life such as grocery shopping, laundry, etc. We cook most of our own meals and clean up after ourselves as if we were back home in Canada. And, that is good – normal life rather than thinking of this as a resort holiday.

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