Finding Adam Naked On A Caribbean Log

Caribbean Adam

Caribbean Adam

This isn’t the photo that is going into the poetry book [saving it as a surprise for those who buy the book], but it is the site where the final photo was taken. My wife took a lot of photos changing the angles and orientation as well as the size of “Adam” in the photo. The final photo is in portrait format in order to fit into the book.

When the photos were taken yesterday, around noon, we were about 200 metres from the closest resort. Since it was lunch hour, we had the area to ourselves, something that wouldn’t have been possible and hour earlier or later. I was out on the log for about fifteen minutes, going out a second time with a change in light conditions. What if a few beach strollers had happened by as I was on the log and my wife was busy taking photos? Neither of us had a plan as I would have had to get off the log and walk to shore and a bit more to get my bathing suit back on, a process that might have made the situation worse instead of better. It is sad that one has to consider these things rather than just be respectful of self and others in a non-exhibitionist manner.

Likely we will head out again today hoping to get a number of “Aphrodite” photos and perhaps a few “Garden of Eden” photos in our garden added in for good measure. There are many photos yet to be taken and most of the poems still to write. Hasta mañana!

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