The First Naked Poem Has Been Written

Adam - He - Everyman

Adam – He – Everyman

I haven’t take the photo that will effectively  have this pose. The site has been chosen with a tree strong enough to support my weight in the water close enough to the shore line of the Caribbean Sea to provide the backdrop. Of course there will be no “God” in the photo which my wife will take, hopefully this noon hour when the beach in the area described above is typically deserted.

I have taken the first photo for the “She” section, a photo of Psyche feeling unwanted, unloved – that typical angst young women live with while waiting for their first love, worried that no one, no knight in shining armor will ever show up thus proving her lack of worth as a woman, as a human. I saw the image for the poem “Waiting For Love,” when my wife stood at the back screen door early this morning with her body silhouetted against the outer light and the inner darkness of our casita. Next step is to write the poem for the photo.

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