Naked Images in a Mexican Garden

Adam in a Mexican Paradise

Adam in a Mexican Paradise fin

It has begun – the photos and poems have found life here on the Mayan Riviera. A few photos have been taken with two finding their way into the book template that I have set up. I have a photo [not this one] that will serve to introduce Part One – He; as well as one to introduce Part Two – She. It actually is a good beginning as the process of taking photos is done with dialogue between my wife and myself, especially for photos that have her in the picture. The idea is to tell a story, honestly, in a way that honours the level of comfort and the story. Nudity isn’t gratuitous, it becomes more authentic and essential in telling the truth of what it is to be human. I won’t be bringing her photos here as they are destined for the photo book, not the Internet.

We will be heading to the seaside at dawn sometime in the very near future in order to get other photos that we have planned together. I still have a few “garden” area photos to take using morning rather than afternoon sunshine. I will also try a few late afternoon shots to see how colour is affected as I want the best images possible for the book. Since the book will be able to be seen and read by our children, neighbour friends, extended family, community members, and perhaps even our grandchildren; we are taking care with the photos to avoid exhibitionism. With our grandchildren in mind, we want nudity to be obvious without becoming an issue for whatever reasons that arise out of their home families and communities. Our photos in previous Naked Poetry books point to what I am trying to express here.

One thought on “Naked Images in a Mexican Garden

  1. Reblogged this on clothes free life and commented:
    This is such a beautiful process. I appreciate the thought and care taken to put all the pieces together, photos and writing, and make them accessible to a broad audience. Authentic clothes free master pieces to become one masterpiece.


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