Naked Poetry Three – The Photo Plan

Michelangelo's Adam

Michelangelo’s Adam

Well, the research has yielded desired results for the poetry book yet to be written. The book begins with the creation of man who is naked, unconscious of his nakedness, and without shame. Not long after creation, he becomes wounded, and so begins his journey into consciousness, a journey that spans the life of every man though not every man dares to make the journey, choosing instead to remain as unconscious as possible.

With that journey told, a second journey needs to be followed, that of the journey of every woman as she moves from blind innocence into the fullness of her innate wisdom of life.  She leaves childhood to become a virginal woman, falls into love, has her eyes begin to see the truth of her lover, and then of herself.

The third journey is that of a couple, the journey from Romantic Love into stark reality and then into the realisation that we can be separate as individuals yet joined together as a king and queen in holiness.

Below is the photo plan that has been developed. I will be taking a number of photos while here in Mexico, the photos marked with an asterisk. I will open up the remaining photos for others to submit for inclusion in the book. I will choose the photos that best fit the theme. Age and physical conditioning are irrelevant for the most part as this is to be the story of every man and every woman and every couple – it is not about the perfect man, woman or couple. Photos submitted are not to be exhibitionist or lewd – natural images of nude and vulnerable and honest people only, please.

He – Naked Poetry Three Photo Plan

*Photo One – Adam – the innocent man – reclining on beach (in water or on log)
Photo Two – Fisher King hunting (rifle or bow) in forest
Photo Three – Fisher King being denied wine from the Holy Grail
*Photo Four – Wounded King – resting on log holding hip as though wounded
Photo Five – Parsifal – innocent fool – country side, garden
Photo Six – Parsifal – approaching a tent
*Photo Seven – Lover – in garden kissing lover
Photo Eight – Parsifal – being a fool and having a young princess laugh at his antics
Photo Nine – Parsifal – riding a horse
Photo Ten – Parsifal – mourning the death of his mother
*Photo Eleven – Magician – offering a magical potion (wine in wineglass)
Photo Twelve – Parsifal meets a man in a boat on the shore
Photo Thirteen – Parsifal in the desert, dry country
Photo Fourteen – Parsifal meets a hermit at the front of a cave
*Photo Fifteen – Sage – in peaceful meditation scene on beach

She – Naked Poetry Three Photo Plan

*Photo One – Aphrodite emerging out of the sea
Photo Two – Psyche – Feeling lonely and misunderstood
Photo Three – Psyche – the bride
*Photo Four –Aphrodite and the birds
Photo Five – Psyche and the Knife/Sword – setting weapon aside choosing consciousness
Photo Six – Psyche and the Light in the Darkness (candle, scented oil lamp, etc.)
*Photo Seven – Aphrodite – Sitting on the branches of a tree in water
Photo Eight – Psyche – Task One – Bringing order out of chaos – sorting scene
Photo Nine – Psyche – Task Two – Gathering gold – Twilight and gathering in nature
Photo Ten – Psyche – Task Three – Filling a crystal goblet from a mountain stream
Photo Eleven – Psyche – Task Four – Opening empty jewelry box
*Photo Twelve – Aphrodite – Carrying gifts for women from the sea
Photo Thirteen – Psyche – woman in the mirror
Photo Fourteen – Psyche – mother and daughter
*Photo Fifteen – Aphrodite – Eternal Mother returning to the sea

We – Naked Poetry Three Photo Plan

*Photo One – Adam and Eve – innocence in the garden
Photo Two – Tristan & mother – man in grief, mourning woman posed as dead mother
Photo Three – Tristan & anima – sword & harp – masculine & feminine
*Photo Four – Adam and Eve –  sitting together in garden eating fruit
Photo Five – Isolde & Tristan – Isolde nurses wounded Tristan
Photo Six – Tristan & Isolde – drinking love potion
*Photo Seven – Tristan and Isolde – sitting on the beach not facing each other, angry
Photo Eight – Tristan & Isolde – in the enchanted forest with eyes only for each other
Photo Nine – Tristan & Isolde –veil falls away revealing Isolde (withdrawing projections)
*Photo Ten – Tristan and Isolde – looking into each other’s’ eyes at seaside
Photo Eleven – Tristan & Isolde – leaving the forest e – return to normal life
Photo Twelve – Tristan & Isolde – accepting the loss of fantasy for reality
*Photo Thirteen – Red king and white queen – half and half (photoshopped)
Photo Fourteen – Tristan & Isolde – Isolde mourning the dead Tristan
*Photo Fifteen – Shiva-Shakti – in the sea – Tantric union


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