A Few Feet Separates the Nudist from the Pervert

Marcuse bathing suit - public respectability on a public beach.

Marcuse bathing suit – public respectability on a public beach

Sometimes there isn’t really any option for being skyclad on a beach, a public beach that is. For these occasions I have a small collection of Marcuse mini-brief swim suits. Brief is the operative word. If one doesn’t want pubic hair to show while wearing these suits, one is reduced to removing pubic hair. The top of the waist band lies about a half inch above the base of the shaft, and about the same (or slightly less) above the crack of one’s buttocks.

It is easier for women to wear skimpy and even skimpier bikinis in public without disturbing the sensibilities of others, but that isn’t the case for men. It seems that it is shocking to see so little on a man. I often wonder if it would be less shocking to see a man nude than in one of these swim suits which definitely “highlight” the fact that one has a penis, being more sexually provocative? But of course I already know the answer. Sex is much more acceptable that the honest naked human body. I know that the younger folk think that it is gross for a man in his sixties (maybe even forties and fifties) to be wearing anything less than baggy swim shorts and preferably with a tee shirt on as well.

Be that as it may, they are lucky that I wear anything at all – and on some parts of the beach, I don’t – a clothing optional section (tiny) which these same people pass through with a surprising frequency. There if I am seen, I am part of the folklore of the nudies. A few feet further along the beach I would be a pervert. Think about it.

4 thoughts on “A Few Feet Separates the Nudist from the Pervert

  1. Perception is a big factor in peoples opininions. Why is it that a young woman let’s say,would see a man of the same age looking at her as fit and a man 30 years older doing the same a pervert ?


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