Om Mani Padme Hum – Skyclad

Meditation in Mexico

Meditation in Mexico

I have shifted my meditation from one area of the garden to a different area of the garden so as to have a more private space for meditation. Yes, I did have occasional footsteps passing by me en route to the storage area even in the mornings. It wasn’t that I was shy to have someone see me while I meditate skyclad, rather it is simply a desire to be in a less busy space, more of a sacred sanctuary.

I simply open up a second door to the casita and set up my cushion and my timer for meditation. If it rains, I have some basic protection which means I enjoy meditation more. A few days ago, a few raindrops were even a welcome part of meditation.

I am fortunate. The casita we rent is attached to the main house where the owner lives. We get the back third of the house with free reign of the garden area. The owner has no issues with nude meditation and my habit of writing au naturel or sunbathing skyclad in the garden. We have already booked for next winter as the owner checked with us before responding to a request by someone else who wanted to rent for four months as opposed to our renting for three months. Life is good – Om mani padme hum!

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