Time Flies When One is Active and Naked

Writing in Mexico

Writing in Mexico

I have my writing corner here in Mexico, a small fifteen foot by twelve foot area that is shaded in the back garden so that I can see my computer screen and work with my research books. I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me (for the most part) which also means I can work undisturbed – a blessing when I am in the “zone.” In a way, it isn’t all that different from when I am at home in Canada other than my work space there is indoors.

I haven’t been active here as my focus has been on preparing for Jungian workshops which I begin delivering tomorrow, Friday, January 16th. A secondary interest is my involvement in a creative writers’ workshop every Tuesday afternoon.  I am also engaged in planning my next poetry book as well as fleshing out the story of a Ukrainian immigrant, a task that is requiring a lot of research that is geographic, cultural as well as geopolitical. It is my father-in-law’s story as he told it to me forty years ago, stories that I recorded for precisely this venture. Of course, I do all of this work just as you see me here in the photo – skyclad.

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