The Naked Power of Meditation

Garden meditation in Mexico

Garden meditation in Mexico

While I was meditating this morning, our landlady’s little dog decided to keep me company, not for the first time. The little dog is a hyper little lass and has trouble sitting still. Yet when I meditate, she seems to have no problems being calm beside me. My wife decided that it deserved a photo. However, in trying to open the screen door, the dog reverted to her usual hyper self. As a result, my wife waited and took the photo through the screen. In my opinion, the result was well worth it.

Following morning meditation, my wife and I again walked the beach for two hours  before swimming and then returning to our little casita. With lunch eaten and a bit of shopping in a fruit and vegetable shop just across from the casita, I returned to the work of editing my novel which is about sixty percent done. Life is good.


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