Happy Nude New Year

Happy Nude New Year 2015

Happy Nude New Year 2015

It is New Year’s Day and I haven’t made any resolutions that are worth discussing other than to attempt to be au naturel when opportunities present themselves.

It’s easy to be so caught up in the past which in turn makes it so difficult to be in the present. For me, meditation is one of the key strategies for prodding myself to return to the present moment simply through returning to the breath that enters then leaves the body.

Sure, there are sorts of thoughts that arise and attempt to have me forget that I am living in the present. Most of those thoughts are nothing but illusions, fears, false premonitions, fantasies and likely products of unconscious contents within me. With practice, I have learned to let go of these thoughts, gently, and return to my breathing and in turn, to my body.

Being aware of one’s body and accepting that it is one’s body is something that has allowed me to give myself the authority to care for that body rather than rely on other “authorities.” As a result, I am learning to respect my body and myself as I consciously look at what I put into this body and onto this body, always asking myself, “Why?” Why this food and not better choices? Why this beverage and not better choices? Why these clothes when none would be a better choice in certain situations?

I already hear what I can only call excuses, but they are simply that excuses. For most people, the only true reason is the fact that they don’t believe in themselves. The voices of others have more weight, more authority – even the voices of strangers. Most of us think that the opinions of others are much more important that the stirrings within our own souls, within our own heads. Most of us get overwhelmed with the idea that we are fully responsible for all of our choices. After all, we have made these choices every step of the way on our journeys through life whether we admit it or not.

If there is one thing I could wish for is that you dare to be you, dare to accept the reality that it is you who makes all the decisions. You’re never going to please all the others out there – ever! The best you can do is at least to strive to be authentically yourself.

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