Post-Christmas Slowing Down Time

Cleaning up before we head out to tropical sunshine.

Cleaning up before we head out to tropical sunshine.

With our grandchildren heading home this afternoon, life slows down significantly for us. We will still be busy, but in a gentler fashion. Grandchildren somehow engage us to stretch ourselves beyond the norm. If things get quiet for a short while, it is us who finds some new game or activity to chase away even a whisper of boredom. Needless to say, we tire out the grandchildren. Every moment is filled to bursting so they don’t drift off into the world of Wi-Fi and indifferent distance. Our grandchildren love coming as there is always something going on and great things to eat. We have no hesitation in spoiling them with our time and attention rather than with things.

Later today, we take down the Christmas decorations, both inside and outside the house, as well as reclaim one of the bedrooms for spreading out our items for our journey to Mexico in just a few more days’ time. Our backpacks and travel bags will be packed and weighed and likely repacked several times before we are satisfied with what comes with us and what stays behind in our home here in Canada. This job will take us at least a full day to be completed to our satisfaction.

For me, the hardest part is to choose the small selection of books to take with us. I have to think ahead in terms of what it is I actually want to use for my references for blog posts as well as my poetry and Jungian projects. I will likely be presenting a minimum of three Jungian psychology presentation while in Mexico with the possibility of a second set of three presentations and/or a seminar session for more in depth study should interest arise from those attending the presentations. The future is open and I am flexible. All is good.

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