Boxing Day in Canada

Thinking of Mexico

Thinking of Mexico

Boxing Day in Canada. It is a National holiday where the focus, for many is on shopping for post-Christmas specials, Canada’s version of Black Friday.  At our home, it is a time to turn Christmas Day leftovers of turkey into turkey soup and to have more of our children and grandchildren come over for games and good food. By the end of the day, we will be glad to find our beds (we have a big home with enough space to sleep the whole clan of six extra adults and six grandchildren) and fall asleep satisfied with another Boxing Day well spent.

Tomorrow, by late afternoon, our house will once again become quiet as all depart to head out as work and home life make other demands. Our good friends and neighbours will also be alone which means that we will spend the evening together for a meal and likely swapping stories of grandchildren and new Christmas memories.

My wife and I are looking forward to our trip to Mexico in just four more days, especially with the temperature taking another nose dive making playing outside a bit more of a challenge. This morning while the grandchildren were still sleeping, I began to gather a few books that I intend on taking with me to Mexico. I have a few writing plans that need these resources.

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