Naked Poetry – Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Standing Tall

Darkness weighs the soul,
Pulling it down into the bowels of a subterranean darkness
Where eyes can no longer see the self, or see other.
All is formless, shadowy in its embrace of nothingness.

In the darkness light
Like a sword pierces a bloated corpse releasing toxic,
Noxious vapours that anesthetize spirit.
A single ray of light that pulls the soul up from its knees.

Like a seed buried in dank, dark soil
Light wakens its heart, daring the seed
To emerge and grow to the light
Stretching as tall as possible towards
The light of life though knowing that
Life is but a season in praise of light.

Uncurling from the foetal ball
Emerging into the light of life
Uncurling from fear and doubt like a young tree
Daring to be
I rise to stand tall in the light as naked as I was born
For it is only in nakedness that one is truly pure
Daring to be real
Daring to worship.

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