Naked Poetry – Vulnerable




Standing naked in front of you
Should I lower my head in fear and shame?
Should I cover my head in hopes you
Don’t recognise me?
Or should I stand tall with trust
That you will find me beautiful
In spite of the stains on my heart
And the scars on my body?

In front of others who speak in your name
I must hide and cover my nakedness
Cover my weakness with clothes of power
For they have shown dark hearts
That would cast me into more pain
Into greater darkness to match their
Own suffering of doubt and deceit.

Yet in front of you, it is different.
There is no trembling that sends me
In search of something to conceal me
For there is no place that I can hide
From you when you come looking.

That I dare stand, vulnerable before you
Sharing the most intimate aspects of my body,
My mind, my heart and my soul
Is all the proof you require of my love.

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