Intimately Yours – Naked Poetry

Intimately Yours

Intimately Yours

Intimately Yours

This skin which covers bone and muscle
Now marked with age revealing an inner
Fire that is consuming the flesh
Yet exposing a light that is yet contained
Within the remaining tissue and cells

Though eyes have lost acuity
Inner sight has strengthened allowing
Clearer vision of the soul of self and others
Clearer vision of your essence.

Though hearing has lessened
Inner voices that sing and reveal
Truths hidden in noise
The songs of praise of you
And your songs to me.

Still, we embrace, intimately
Enter into each other
Body, mind and soul
Lover and beloved.

Your gaze penetrates all the disguises
All the masks and attitudes
Touching that light you engendered
Back in the Garden of Eden
And we are reunited as one
Whole and holy.

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