Free-Range Naturism

free-range, free body, free mind

free-range, free body, free mind

It has been a while since my last visit here and putting up a post. My novel is now down and waiting for feedback from a number of readers before I submit it for publishing. With that task now in its final stages, I find that I now have time for being here and adding a few thoughts and images about naturism in the modern world. As well, I have some work yet to do on the poetry-photography book that is waiting for my attention. It is my intention to bring some of that poetry book here over the next week or two as a teaser for my readers as well as incentive to myself to complete the project before Christmas.

Before I get into the poetry, I want to talk a bit about how I sense that naturism is changing, perhaps even evolving. As I am seeing it, our complete society is changing in ways that are creating a sense of chaos – the backlash of a complacent society against the growing polarization and abuse of authority. Religion is taking a beating as modern media is exposing sexual, political, and economic abuses. Government leaders are similarly being exposed as are almost all “authority” sectors such as policing, the pharmaceutical industry, the stock market, and even the entertainment industry. And, in my opinion, this is a good thing as it is shaking the complacency that has been used by most people to insulate themselves for what is happening outside of their tiny orbit of influence,

Authority is under fire, including the authority that had been given to the traditional protectors of naturism. Rules, rules, rules! It seems the more we become aware of the world around us, the less willing we are to give up our “self” authority. In naturism you get to see the fall out as “club” memberships age and shrink in numbers. The explosion of “free-range” naturism threatens the traditional approaches which has hidden behind locked gates and limited memberships. And therein lies the problem as the number of naturists is increasing with most of those new naturists not fitting neatly into the paradigm established by the traditional naturist clubs and even the liberal hedonist enterprises. Today’s naturists are not vested in supporting the old paradigms. They simply want to be unfettered and allowed to be authentically themselves.

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