Naked versus a Cover-up

Some places are inviting us to be authentic and thankful for being alive.

Some places are inviting us to be authentic and thankful for being alive.

As I have often blogged about nude meditation, part of nude yoga (or is it the other way around), I wonder if my readers get tired of hearing about nudism as a spiritual endeavor. I have been writing a novel that focuses predominantly with the depth of spirituality that one can access while nude. History has taught us so much about being clothes free when approaching whatever it is that is the source of our soul, our spiritual centre. It is only in relatively modern times with the dominance of the three desert religions that nudity has become the portal to evil rather than the portal to the temple of heaven within each of us. And, it has taken a serious and determined effort on the part of the good fathers of religion to make this happen in spite of the documents they claim as the authentic word of the Creator.

For example, the Creation story begins with God/Allah/Yaweh creating man and woman, creating them nude and then judging that creation as “good.” Go a little further into that story and we find this first man and woman noticing their nudity and covering up in shame (why is irrelevant at this point). Now upon noticing the “cover-up” the Creator loses it asking who told them that there bodies were shameful and needed covering up. Notice that covering up is synonymous with lying. When we cover up, we are actually creating a false image of God/Allah/Yaweh. I don’t know about you, but I have learned that it is best to confess one’s error rather than covering it up hoping that it doesn’t get noticed or that the blame then falls to someone else, an innocent someone else. We have to risk being vulnerable and authentic. Who can trust you when you hide behind masks?

What are we rejecting when we reject our natural selves, our bodies created naked? We are rejecting our authentic self. We are rejecting the good self created in the image of the Creator. To demonize and pathologize nudity is to defy the value held by the Creator, to pass judgment on the Creator. Yet, we play loose with rational thought by then blaming the devil for it all as if it was the devil who invented nudity.

5 thoughts on “Naked versus a Cover-up

  1. Yes to spiritual as the creator created us but it goes far beyond mediation.

    “Without Clothing”
    When we connect without clothing through our senses–sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch–we can be one with the creator.
    Being without clothing is a deeply spiritual experience that allows us to submit to the creator and feel fully alive, awake, humble, sensual and ecstatic!
    It can help us to achieve a wonderful state of connectedness and peace, allowing the flow of our vital life-force energy. 
    In the context of connecting deeply with the creator and with our true selves, being without clothing can free up our energies to fully integrate with the universe, of which we are a part.

    To truly be without clothing is to be totally unconstrained and to be at one with the creator.


  2. Richard, It’s good ro re-encounter you and your blogging on naked writing and naked meditating, and considering naked living from a deep and psychological,, psychoanalytical viewpoint. I find it very encouraging to see your work out here: it’s helpful to me as I work through my own issues of wanting to live more and more free of clothes in a sham-based, anti-natural, consumerist culture. Keep on writing what I and others value and gain from reading.

    Naked Blessings,



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