Life Is Good

I am trying out my newest lens for my Sony a6000 DSLR camera.

Trying out my newest lens for my Sony a6000 DSLR camera.

Yes, I finally got my new lens which has been sitting at my daughter’s home. A Sony telephoto lens 55-210mm. The lens is small, much smaller than the 18-250mm lens that I have for my Sony a550 camera, and extremely a lot lighter. I won’t have any issues carrying the new lens with me as I hike across Spain next August and September, the purpose for the new Sony a6000 camera and lenses. The camera came with a wide-angle lens which I will also be carrying on the 1000 km hike.

I am satisfied with the first photo taken with this lens which is posted here. I will be going out for a hike later today to get a number of other photos taken in nature settings.

I am staying at my daughter’s home in North Dakota for the next five days in order to watch all three of my grandsons here, play football. Tonight two of the boys are playing, with the youngest playing his game on Saturday morning. By the time the weekend is finished, my wife and I will be pleasantly worn out by the non-stop energy of the family. Life is good.

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