Naked At The Edges Of Awareness

Light. At the edges of light between day and night, there is a sense that one is at the edges of more than the world that we know as our world. It is as though there is a thin veil of possibility that there is more than we can ever know. Each of us has a conscious sense of who we are, our ego. When we are feeling strong and vibrant, we even believe that what we know about ourselves is the sum total of who we are and that we are masters of that self. It takes something to disturb that certainty and remind us that we are not as all-knowing as we had thought. We become aware of another reality in which we somehow are also existing, an underworld of sorts that exists in the shadows, at the edges of conscious knowing.

In this other world, the costumes we wear, the uniforms and masks behind which we protect ourselves don’t serve us well. We are stripped naked and our weaknesses are made visible, not only to ourselves, but to whatever presences that populate this other world. Somehow, we are not so shocked to see ourselves naked in this world which we meet under the cover of darkness. especially in our dreams. What most surprises is the power that begins to flow back into consciousness when one accepts this vulnerability of allowing our shadow selves to be acknowledge, our messy aspects to be admitted, to stop hiding behind masks and costumes.

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