Staying Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Yes, it is only 1 Celsius outside this morning with a forecast of snow on the way.

It’s 1 Celsius outside this morning with  snow on the way.

The photo isn’t all that great as the camera was in the house while I was outside. The glass and the screen added a few interesting visuals and textures to the image. But that aside, the objective was to simply show you just how cold it is here on the Canadian prairies. With overcast skies and strong winds, it feels like -6 Celsius according to the weather people. it definitely is a good day to be inside with the furnace ready to kick in should it be needed.

My wife thinks I am crazy running around without clothes on in this weather. She feels the cold more than I do. That said, I am crazy, but not that crazy as I am now back in the house at my desk writing. Of course, I am still not wearing clothes. That’s why we have a furnace and a couple of small electric heaters.

However, it isn’t winter yet. The forecast for the weekend looks promising with temperatures over 15 Celsius for two days in a row predicted. It does look like I will be enjoying mother nature while au naturel a few more times before snow comes and stays. Winter is coming, so stay warm and comfortable in your skin.

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