Trees Stripping And Going Bare For Winter

It was a cold, blustery day . . .

It was a cold, blustery day . . .

I took a bit of time out from writing to take this post-supper photo in our back yard before day had turned into night. I was checking out some of the chores which are accumulating as fall advances, especially as there is a suggestion of snow within the next week. Ugh! I love snow, but not before it is actually winter. Likely I will have to roto-till the garden tomorrow before the rain arrives tomorrow evening, rain which might become snow before the night is over.

With weather becoming an issue for outdoor naturism, I am likely going to have to get all of my clothing-free fixes indoors until I arrive in Mexico in time for New Year’s Eve celebrations with some acquaintances there. My wife and I spend three months in Mexico staying warm and working on regaining the tans we will have lost by then. With a few different writing projects underway, and all of that writing done au naturel, I will not suffer too much in the process of waiting for Mexico time.

I think I have found a solution for the photographs for my second book of Naked Poetry – photo submission by naturist friends and acquaintances. Where there is an interest in submitting a photo, I will be sending these friends and acquaintances a poem for which they will create a photo that compliments the poem. I put out that idea earlier today on Facebook and have already had a good number expressing interest in participating. If you have an interest in joining in, read my poetry book Naked Poetry and see how a photo works with a poem. Then, send me a message indicating your interest. I will follow up from there and we will see where that takes us. I have to admit I am very excited about the whole process and how it will turn out as a final product.

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