Just Another Nude Hiker When Opportunity Is Present

No this isn't me though it looks like some place I have hiked once upon a time.

No this isn’t me though it looks like some place I have hiked once upon a time.

I do a lot of hiking. Just this month of September, 2014 I have already hiked over 300 kilometres. I do have to admit that most of those kilometres had me hike while wearing clothing. Finding hiking spots where nudity is possible is a major task as the true wilderness, rather than public trails, are unmarked and quite inaccessible for the most part. Strangely, I can do more naked hiking close to home in the hills and valleys found on the prairies.

There is a lot of space, seemingly empty space, on the prairies where farms and ranches are huge. The distance to the next town to the south of where I live is 44 kilometres, and to the north, 37 kilometres. Most farmers now live in the closest town rather than on their farms so that their children can take part in community activities without having unending commutes from farm house to community activity centre. That leaves a sparsely settled countryside even emptier of human presence most of the time.

With that said, there are times when human presence in the countryside is frequent enough to make the risk to hike naked not worth it. Seeding, crop spraying and harvest seasons have the roads busy with traffic. During those times, one needs to retreat into the hills and just relax in some remote location where the only presence might be a cow or a passing deer.

Of course, there are always mosquitoes, black flies, wind, and other elements of nature to make it even more difficult. But, as any naturist already knows, the risks are worth it when you can feel the trail beneath your feet and feel the breeze on your body while getting a full dose of vitamin D from the sun. Happy hiking.

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