Off Again To Wander In Nature

Nature provides life with awe and inspiration.

Nature provides life with awe and inspiration.

It’s sunny outside as I write this post. However, it is only 6C and a bit windy making it an unpleasant experience to be outside and naked. The weather aside, it is a good day with time for writing and a planned afternoon hike with my wife before we pack up again for another six days of camping and hiking in the boreal forests of northern Canada. It seems that we will have better temperatures and sunny conditions the whole time we will be out hiking on the trails in search of wildlife and flora with a camera, as well as working more on our fitness levels before we are confined to the recreation room in our basement for fitness maintenance. Our last hike gave me this moment of being almost face-to-face with the biggest bull moose I have ever seen – and I have seen many moose in the wilderness. My hope is that we will come across some elk and or beavers during our hikes so that I can have up-to-date photos with my new camera which allows me to get finer detail because of sensor size at 24.4 megapixels.

Obviously, during this next week away from home, I will not be posting here. I do hope that you feel free to rummage around the archives and read some of those posts you have missed along the way. Let me know what you think. Until then, stay warm and if possible enjoy some clothes-free time.

4 thoughts on “Off Again To Wander In Nature

  1. I had been looking forward spending time in nature for some good nude time but things just didn’twork out tjat way. The first 2 days the pool and hot tub werr closed due to skunks. The last 5 days it has been cloudy, rainy, and windy. I won’t mention only 45F on the best day. I can’t win. Our weather usually isn’t this bad till the middle of October.


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