Prairie Summer Naked Meditation

Needing to use an electric heater for meditation.

Needing to use an electric heater for meditation.

It has turned cloudy, damp and cold out here on the Canadian prairies. For the past three nights, we have had a low temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Tonight it is forecast to get down to -2C. One of the results of these early winter conditions is that I need to plug in an electric heater in order to stay warm enough while meditating – the room temperature is 18C assisted by the heat from our central furnace.. For those interested, I also use my tablet for a timer program which can be adjusted for volume, timing and so on. And yes, the wood flooring does require slippers, at least on these cool mornings.

Fear not. Warmer conditions are on the way with temperatures in the daytime projected to again hit double digits with the threat of morning frost held back for the next two weeks beginning on Monday. With that forecast, we are again planning another, final, camping trip for the year. For now, we are going to be doing some canning of tomatoes which we bought from a local Hutterian farm. Yes, we still do a lot of things as though we were living in the past with the canning of tomatoes, sauerkraut, dill pickles, etc. We also freeze some of our vegetables that we harvest from our own garden.

At one point in time, we canned fruit and vegetables, and froze what we couldn’t can, because it was a cheaper way to live. At that time there really wasn’t any thought of it also being a healthier way to live. Today, it is more expensive for some strange reason to grow, harvest and prepare the results for storage in order to be eaten in the winter. As well, today we can have fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. So why do we do it? I guess the best answer is because it is good for the soul.

Now, you are probably wondering what this has to do with naturism or nudism. Well, the answer is rather simple – it doesn’t – except for the fact that living and doing is simply that, living and doing, something that for the most part doesn’t require clothing. Being naked doesn’t somehow make doing a lot of life’s normal tasks somehow extra-sensual. It’s all about showing that being a naturist is really being normal while nude. I am not interested in trying to convince others to become naturists as that is something that you will or will not embrace on your own terms. What I am interested in is not having others impose their version of reality on me.

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