Naked Reading Material

Why Good People Do Bad Things

Why Good People Do Bad Things

I am getting ready to go camping for almost a week, a period of time in which I will not have access to Internet. We will be camping in a location far removed from towns and cities. a place of long trails and steep hills that will test our bodies while hiking with full backpacks. During the evenings, I will be writing and reading for the most part when not engaged with other activities with my good wife. This is one of the books I will be taking along with me, a book I have started but set aside for a while. This just seems to be the right time for giving it the attention and time it deserves.

As most of you realise, I am a psychotherapist and as such, I find it important to be well read in the field of depth psychology upon which is what I base most of my work with clients. As well, I am doing the foundation research work for a number of presentations I will be doing in January, February and March while I am in Mexico. There is a real interest in Jungian (depth) psychology as well as Buddhism in the community where I live during the winter. And, there is a need, even though seasonal, for counselling services.

I hope to eventually get these presentations in video format as well as I get the material together and practice my delivery on the topics to be presented. Until my return here, be well and enjoy as much of your life au naturel as possible.

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