Naturists – A Community Of Like-Minded Souls

There is light in the shadows.

There is light in the shadows.

This is a photo taken yesterday, a day that started off with overcast skies and cold temperatures. It is still cold, this morning, however there is a lot of blue sky mixed in with the clouds with a promise that the temperature will get into double digits later this morning.

By noon hour, it was sunny and warm with the temperature at 19 Celsius. I hung out the laundry as my wife got called in to work again, likely the last day of work for her until next Friday or Saturday. Of course, I did all skyclad. Because it was so nice out, I decided to make a few videos for one of my friends in Ontario who comments here on and off. My friend is also a naturist. I am impressed by his courage to deal with the health issues that challenge him and by default, his wife, family and friends.

Naturists (nudists) soon build up a community of like-minded souls who share the same passion for freedom from clothing and for sunshine. Because the general population is averse to the idea, let alone the reality of being and living clothing free, naturists find themselves on the fringe, always alert for the long-arm of the law which sees them as terrorists, outsiders who are hell bent on bringing down their society and belief systems. Ordinary criminals such as rapists, thieves, and others who make breaking the ten commandments part of their life style. It doesn’t matter that there is no injunction in either criminal codes or religious codes for simply being naked. Nakedness is equated with sex, but in such a manner that it is near impossible for society to profit from naturists other than by charging them exorbitant fees to enter into locked compounds where they can mingle with other naturists. No amount of logic or reasoning is making a difference except perhaps for piling on more and more community restrictions that can be punished with one’s inclusion on a sex-offender registry.

Imagine if you can, how gardening in your own yard without wearing clothing is deemed a criminal offense, which if successfully prosecuted would have one place on such a sex-offender registry. So why? Why do people such as myself continue to push the envelope so to speak, on the issue of one’s right to be nude? After all, we were all born nude.


2 thoughts on “Naturists – A Community Of Like-Minded Souls

  1. It is interesting how the double standard operates with regard to so-called public nudity and the law. As you point out it is a risky situation … for us plebes. However, on the Nudie Digest link for Aug. 31 there is a video of a Hollywood female proudly showing her nude ALS ice water dunk. Pixilated out of course but nude nonetheless.

    We seem to be a seriously damaged society when this is all good fun and perfectly okay (which to my mind it is) but where the home gardening situation you describe can be regarded a serious criminal act with extraordinary personal consequences.

    Juvenile titillation is in and simply enjoying one’s private backyard is out. Speaks volumes about the collective’s consciousness! But you are the Jungian, so I defer to you for a more sophisticated analysis of why we are so screwed up! 🙂


  2. I agree and don’t understand why there is a double standard for nudist/naturists. It is okay to go to resorts and public nude beaches but go in your back yard and someone may call the police on you.


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