Feeling A Bit S.A.D.

Back at home waiting for the day to warm up.

Back at home waiting for the day to warm up.

It is cold out, only 7 degrees Celsius. However, the skies are clear and the forecast is for twenty degrees by this afternoon. I have a few tasks ahead of me for later this morning. I will be hanging out the bedding from our camping trip, mowing the lawn, and a few touch ups to our camper in order to get it ready for another journey, this time into the deep country, far from towns and cities.

Of course, all of this should make for a good time, but for some reason, I am S.A.D. – that is, I am missing nude time outdoors (and indoors) where sun can bathe my body and making it feel truly alive. Being outside in sunshine with all of my clothing on isn’t the same thing though it is better than not having any sunshine at all.

In a few moments I will be taking time out for my morning meditation. I am waiting for the room to warm up. I use a plug-in electric heater in my meditation space as a way to make nude meditation more comfortable in our house which is kept as cool as possible without using the air conditioner. I will return later, hopefully with a more upbeat and positive post.

One thought on “Feeling A Bit S.A.D.

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