Being Discrete

Debating if there will be a campfire - decision is negative.

Debating if there will be a campfire or not.

Well, there is no doubt about it, one can’t go around nude in a public campground, especially when all the sites are occupied and people are sitting outside and walking around to check out the various campers. The best I can do is this towel-wrap that is held up by velcro. I guess you could call it my terry-towel kilt. However, once inside the add-a-room, the kilt becomes my sit-upon towel for one of the white plastic lawn chairs.

Being a nudist in a non-nudist world demands that a person keeps awareness on the outer world in the forefront. The last thing needed is to find oneself in a confrontational situation in the larger society with citizens who are highly disturbed at the sight of a nude human, especially a nude male who a bit older. Fear leads most to conclude that the male is a “dirty old man” who is likely to rape any woman on site or abduct children for nefarious purposes. There is also the likelihood that nudity in a public place would quickly involve the law. For a nudist, discretion is critical.

Being a nudist (or naturist) in this modern western world is a way of being that is a deviation from the norm. It doesn’t matter whether or not being naked is natural or not. The majority are clothed and are very averse to others being nude. This deviation from the norm places a nudist in the role of being a deviant. One has to realise that being a deviant, in essence, is not something that is inherently bad. Being a deviant simply means that one is markedly different than the collective. Sing when everyone only prays with bowed head on bent knees and one is a deviant. Pray when everyone in the community views prayer as a dirty word also makes one a deviant.

The need to survive, and thrive in both one’s need for being natural and being in community with one’s family, friends and community requires that we find the small spaces and bits of time for nudity so that bridges aren’t burnt. Yes, one can move into a naturist community and live nude twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (weather permitting). But that almost sounds like a prison sentence in its own right, with locked gates and often a monitoring system. At least, that’s the way I see it.

2 thoughts on “Being Discrete

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  2. I have been following this site for over a year now and save most of the entries. The writing is thoughtful and really gets into the head of a tried and true naturist. I like it because it is not over the top like wild and wooly crazy swingers. I see a man who is calm and prolific in his thoughts and ideas. I have also written about my naturist experiences. It is not something I take the opportunity to do often. I married someone much more conservative, so I have to visit places with friends which I don’t get to do as often as I like. I have just replenished my inventory at and would appreciate finding some new readers. I have reduced the price of my book from $18.95 to $11.00. It is a quick read containing 143 pages. it is historical, philosophical and psychological. I call it a non-fiction social commentary. You can find it on and clicking onto books. Enter Susan L. Stanton or Being Naked: Attitudes Toward Nudity Through the Ages and Search.
    Please feel free to write a review if you choose to read it. I think you will be glad you did. SS


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