Back In The Sunshine In The City

Camping in the city.

Camping in the city.

We have arrived at the campsite in our local city and we have just returned from a fourteen kilometre walk along the nature trails that follow the river that cuts through the city. The paths form a set walking courses called the Meewasin Trail, With the walk done, photos taken along the way downloaded onto the computer, and supper eaten (it’s my turn to do the dishes), I find that I have some time for posting here. Unlike previous visits here, this time we have decent Internet service.

As I have an add-a-room for my small RV, an R-Pod trailer, I have some privacy in the campground if I stay inside the add-a-room or the trailer. To wander outside of these narrow confines would be more than a risk, it would be very stupid. Since I have no desire to tangle with the law, I will limit myself.

Now, with those comments out of the way, I want to talk more about sharing a home with a spouse that is not a nudist. In spite of the fact that my wife is not a naturist as I am, she does not get in the way of my enjoying being skyclad. We have established boundaries for when she is in the house so that my nudity doesn’t overwhelm her, a very sensible thing to do when a non-nudist and a nudist share the same domicile. She has tried in the recent past, a number of times, to join me in naturist venues. Though she has no issue with nudity or with other naturists seeing her nude, she much prefers to be clothed. It then falls to being respectful of her choice as she is respectful of my choice. It’s not perfect for either of us, but it is the closest that it can get.

To expect and demand a perfect world on either side would only result in losses that are unthinkable. We love being together and doing things together too much. It is the real respect by not engaging in persuasive activities and pressures in order to convert the other than then becomes the cement to strengthen our bonds built over the course of the past 44 years. How do you manage this dynamic if that is where you find yourself?

2 thoughts on “Back In The Sunshine In The City

  1. Robert,

    “How do you manage this dynamic if that is where you find yourself?”

    It is an “in the home” situation only with us because we do not engage in social nudity because landed club facilities are not reasonably available and none of our friends, although enthusiastic supporters of my own “practice”, as limited as it is, have no inclination to join in. The solitary nudist for sure! 🙂

    My wife’s preference is to be clothed although she is not at all uncomfortable with nudity, but she does not find it as comfortable as being dressed. My nudity is hardly overwhelming – in terms of time – because there seems to be an endless stream of interruptions that requires being clothed so I get to the point where is is simply a matter of staying dressed rather than constantly dressing and undressing throughout the day. So far we don’t have one of those signs on the doors saying “ring twice if you don’t mind if the person answering the door is naked”.

    If in the evening it is warm and relatively bug free my wife will join me sitting on the deck nude. So she is comfortable with it in circumstances where there are not frequent unplanned interruptions that would require dashing for some clothes.

    We don’t have any stipulated location or amount of time limitations on my own nudity. Perhaps because I haven’t reached a breaking point with her patience. At this point it is really a matter of do your own thing with I guess the understanding that if the cops haul me away in cuffs I am on my own! 🙂

    So like the myriad of other minor accommodations any two, or group, of people living in the same residence have to make it is pretty relaxed.


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