A Naked Rainy and Cold Day

A rainy and cold day.

A rainy and cold day.

It is late afternoon, rain has been falling most of the day, and the temperature hasn’t yet reached 10 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, I have had no ambition to go outside. For the past two days, I have been outside playing games, eating, visiting and taking photos of another gathering of the in-laws – well at least some of the many, many in-laws that make up my wife’s clan. Late this morning, our company (two couples) left to their respective homes. The house is quiet again.

Though the company has gone, I find myself hiding in my office where I write and read while naked as the day I was born. This is a normal place for me to be, and a normal way to be there. Since I have been clothed since their arrival at my home, it feels good to be free of clothing again.

A few days before their arrival, I had been working on my latest book in my office, in my natural state, when the neighbour who has caught me naked a few times already, came into the house looking for my wife who had gone out for a walk with another neighbour. I left my office in my natural state and answered her question without startling her with my nudity, It was as if, it was just a normal exchange of information. No comments about my naked state were made when the short conversation concluded. Having her answer, she thanked me and then left.

Now, that is what it is supposed to be like between nude and non-nude people – non-judgmental acceptance of each other.

2 thoughts on “A Naked Rainy and Cold Day

  1. A great story. Too bad it isn’t much, much more common. I guess it is a good illustration of the fact that you can’t get more and more naked. It is of course what people learn immediately with their first experience with social nudity. Despite suppressing a mild terror the newbie realizes in about 5 seconds that nude is nude, it is done with and there isn’t some kind of “progression” that will make it “worse” over time. Incredibly, impossible to convince about 98% of the population of that fact (at least in North America) and I think it is a great shame.


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