A Touch of Gray – Daring to Bare it All

Sometimes the world loses its colour and vitality.

Sometimes the world loses its colour and vitality.

It’s been raining and cool, almost cold, and I have been sleeping well. Like many, I usually hide my emotions and adopt a calm, peaceful, gentle and caring attitude. It’s the Buddhist in me. But some days the masks don’t fit all that well and there is a shadow that washes over me exposing a pain behind my eyes that has nothing to do with a headache. It’s at times like this that I realise that there are many, many layers of the human psyche that rarely are made visible. And, as humans, we would just as rather that we never got see beneath the surface.

I am luck as I have made many journeys beneath the surface in quests to slay the dragons to be found, dragons such as dark and ferocious men and women (think here of Kali) that when confronted dissipate without protest. It was enough simply to stand there in front of these monsters and acknowledge their presence. Denying them only empowers them to rampage though the inner spaces unchecked, especially if we do our damnedest to stay are far away as possible from what lurks within our own psyche.

I guess that this could be the ultimate sense of baring it all – peel off not only the clothes, but the protective layers and barricades that hide the inner essence of self.


2 thoughts on “A Touch of Gray – Daring to Bare it All

  1. Yes and thank you.
    I also lean toward the Buddhist philosophy as it’s about self knowledge, also wet and cool in my Montana home, also feeling a shadow these past so many days, though not my own as much as throughout our collective consciousness. Mainly through the network, Ice us (ALS ice bucket) to Isis (strange new and insidious terrorists). I have nothing to worry about, but there has been a strange energy in the air.


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