Coffee and Morning Sunshine

Time to have some coffee mixed with sunshine.

Time to have some coffee mixed with sunshine.

I have returned from another road trip that took me and my wife to visit her brother in a nursing home where he suffers from Alzheimers, and my sister’s husband who has been taking treatment for some aggressive cancer conditions. It makes one appreciate just how lucky one is simply to be alive and relatively well. I am glad that we went on this road trip and plan on doing it again sometime next month. Until then, I will take time to garden, write, play and enjoy being with my beautiful wife.

I do have things to do today other than just drink coffee and claim my share of the sun’s rays. Somewhere along the way I have raspberries to pick, green beans to pick and prepare for part of our supper, crab apples to clean off some more of the lower branches, and there is my writing that is demanding some of my attention.

Sitting and drinking coffee allows time to think about some of the more important things in life such as why are people so afraid and so easily offended? We have so many of our own citizens in jails in Canada and the U.S.A. that it is embarrassing to say the least. Yet, we are convinced that we have barely begun with the job of putting all of the bad guys behind bars.

Murder, assault, theft, rape, and other such crimes are serious offenses that we punish with jail time, our society is working hard to include drinking coffee au naturel in one’s own back yard, skinny dipping in any body of water not roped off with warning signage, or reading while naked in some grassy park setting, or even going for a nude hike in relative wilderness settings. For too many, the sight of a naked human body induces fear, panic, and visions of Satan running amok hell bent on raping every female in sight. The solution? Put all the naked people in jail where they can wait for their turn to enter the gates of Hell.

Well, the truth is, our societies are indeed afraid. Self-awareness has been reduced to small quizzes on social media sites. The main messages coming out of our collective tell us to blame the strangers, to fear those who are different. To take comfort in the sameness of fundamentalism. We don’t realise that all the darkness out there is a projection, an unconscious projection of the stuff about ourselves that we would rather didn’t exist. Naked people are a threat simply because we can’t admit that we are naked under our clothing. So we hide and we punish others for our fear.

2 thoughts on “Coffee and Morning Sunshine

  1. I guess some small consolation is that in other parts of the world the naked body is not nearly as terrifying. Of course in other parts it is even more forbidden than here.

    Whatever social, cultural or religious influences have made us fear and in some cases loathe our own bodies the damage seems incalculable.


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