Unexpected Sunshine

Time out for coffee and sunshine

Time out for coffee and sunshine

The weather forecast for today and tomorrow talked about cloudy conditions with rain and thunderstorm activity. Yet, here it is now afternoon and the sun is still shining. Waking up to clear skies, just before sunrise, had me planning to mow the lawn as soon as some of the dew had cleared up on the grass. It seemed that there wouldn’t be another opportunity until our return from another set of travels to Calgary and Lethbridge, Alberta. So, with breakfast and coffee on our patio done, I rushed to mow the back yard while still in my birthday suit. Meditation would just have to wait.

With my tasks completed, I took time out for another coffee break and to enjoy the sunshine. As far as I knew, it wasn’t going to be around all that long. Finally, it was time to get in my meditation and then have lunch before taking this opportunity to post here.

I have been wondering why I find it necessary to take skyclad photos, why anyone who is a naturist/nudist or someone who simply enjoys being nude. Why the images? Why are they posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or other social media sites? Having spent way too much time wondering about this, I think I have arrived at an answer that fits many who are like me, as well as me. Images are there to help us get out of our heads, visible proof that we are more than just feelings and thoughts.There is an honesty, or at least an attempt at honesty expressed in these images. Risking being vulnerable enough to be honest is not the same thing as posting images for exhibitionist purposes. The images have nothing to do with lewdness, lust, or then tension of sexuality. Images that are exhibitionist have a motive of obtaining sexual satisfaction or to shock.

If you take photos of yourself au naturel, why do you do so? What is your need? Why do you allow others to see the images? Why the risk? All images have a purpose and meaning. However, we rarely know what the purpose and meaning of our own images are about. Not knowing, we often simplify the question with an answer – because I like it. There is a story, a story of at least 1,000 words for each image. More often than not, the story is yet to be discovered as the image is more about unconscious projection than that it is about conscious intention.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Sunshine

  1. I rarely take nude pictures of myself, and if I post some, it is only in a carefully-controlled environment, such as Naktiv and TrueNudist. Even though many of my friends know that I am a naturist, it is really only on an intellectual level, and they might be seriously offended if I posted visual-evidence in the form of pictures. It is one thing to “know” intellectually, but quite another to see for themselves. I would rather that they grow in a greater understanding of nudism and what we believe, so that if I do eventually do decide to post pictures on a more “public” venue, it won’t be a shock to them, and they may be more accepting of my nudism on a more personal level.

    I live in an RV park, and two of my neighbors (both ladies) know that I am a naturist. One, who is my next-door neighbor, moved in early last year, so I have known her for quite a while. She was initially shocked to find out that I am a naturist, and her first response was “That is just plain WRONG!”. She is a very private person, and quite modest, but she has come to understand, that though it isn’t for her, it is something I enjoy. She was raised in a very prudish home environment. Now, when I tell her I am going to a nudist resort for the day, she says “Have fun!”. Because of the health issues she has gone through over the last several months, we have become quite close, and even though I have had to give her quite a bit of personal care, I am very careful to not do so in a manner which might embarrass her. Last night, her car was home, her TV was on, and her cell-phone was on her couch, but I sensed that there was something wrong. I called out to her a couple of times, with no answer, which was strange. I resisted the urge to go inside and look for her, because I didn’t want to startle her or catch her in a “wrong situation” which could have caused embarrassment. I wish I had, because she had hit her head on something in her bathroom, and was passed-out on the floor. After I talked to her this afternoon, I realized that it would have been much better to deal with whatever embarrassment there might have been, rather than leaving her in a heap on the floor. She was supposed to meet some of her friends for a “gal’s night out”, but missed it, so now some of her friends want my phone number in case they can’t get in touch with her.

    The other lady, who moved in earlier this year, was very accepting of me being a naturist from the beginning. Her first reaction was “I sure wish I could go topless around here.” Even though she is fairly modest, she doesn’t have the deep-seated prudishness of the other lady.

    Even though these two stories are really a digression from the topic of nude pictures, they illustrate the wide range of reactions which I have gotten from the revelation that I am a naturist. Some people understand immediately, and others have to grow into it. I don’t expect to win any “converts” to nudism, I just hope that my friends grow to accept that I am a naturist.


  2. Like anyone, I like to take pictures of my life. Pictures that include me and my interests and activities. Since I am a naturist and am nude a majority of my time, those pictures would necessarily be of me “skyclad”. To not take those pictures would be to deny who I am. I don’t understand why others would have such problems with viewing photos of human beings in their natural state when that is what they themselves are. I don’t post those photos to Facebook because I know that is not a human or freedom friendly site (rather NSA controlled). I do post them to sites such as the NOOK or True Nudist, as those sites are designed for naturists to share their experiences particularly as nudists/naturists. I allow others to see those images because I am not ashamed of my body, nor do I really care what they think. I don’t see much risk. I don’t post sexual or lewd photos. Just me in nature or on my property going about daily life. I don’t plan on running for president, and if I did wouldn’t care that people knew I was a human being and could see my whole body. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an HONEST politician for a change. I am also my own boss as far as job is concerned, so I don’t have anything to worry about there.


  3. ..

    I snap photos of my nude body and pity the poor individual that has the misfortune to accidentally lay eyes on them. These photos have been taken over the last three years are to document and inspire me to lose weight. I’ve lost from 220 down to 185 lbs. The three view pictures do not show much improvement and only show I need to lose about twenty more pounds.
    I would like to be sky clad full time and do so in the house and in the yard at night. I keep a towel with Velcro fasteners for emergency cover up and lightweight shorts and shirt handy at all times. I think we need to find some Scottish plaid material to make our quick cover up wraps with. Then the public that sees us will wonder if we are wearing anything under it!

    Have a good one.. Pat..


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