Prayers Of Compassion For a Hurting World

Red sky at morning - sailor take warning!

Red sky at morning – sailor take warning!

I took a road trip yesterday, a trip that took me five hours from my home to get an accutherapy treatment for my allergies. I think these treatments are helping. But before I get on any bandwagon to tell everyone about this treatment, I have to let time tell me just how effective they are. Since I had such a long drive and I expected to return home following the treatment, another five hours at the minimum behind the steering wheel, it meant that I had to get up earlier than normal.  So, I officially got up at 4:45 am and was out of my garage at 5:08 after making coffee and toast to take on the road with me. It took me two minutes to reach the edge of town where I took this photo which is time-stamped at 5:10.


This is how I drive skyclad.

With the first photo of the day taken, I proceeded to drive south then east. Of course, I wasn’t wearing any clothing at the time. I saw very little traffic for the first hour which took me through a town and then a small city. Almost two hours into the drive I decided to stop and take a photo. I made another stop an hour later to get gas for the car. Of course that meant I had to put on something – a tee shirt and my famous blue wrap (I call it my Celtic hiking kilt) – in order to pump the gas and then go into the station to pay for it. No comments were made by others filling up their gas tanks or in while I paid for the gas. Then, it was driving non-stop until I reached my destination, a Catholic hospital and treatment centre. Once I pulled into the parking lot, I slid the seat back so that I could get dressed and avoid controversy and perhaps a legal hassle.

I was early and had about forty minutes extra which I decided could be put to good use. I checked out the Catholic chapel dedicated to Saint Joseph as I had a poem I had written during the winter while in Mexico that involved an altar.

Saying a prayer at the altar.

Saying a prayer at the altar.

The chapel was quiet, just off the cafeteria of the hospital, so I decided I would risk a couple of photos hoping that one would fit into my next poetry book (poems are all written and edited). I took several different photos, skyclad photos. I was so involved in the task, I forgot where I was and the fact that anyone could have entered the chapel at any time during the photo shoot. When enough photos were taken, I got my clothes back on and took my camera back to the car.

The treatment went as expected and I found myself again driving skyclad headed home. On the way home, I again stopped for gas at a busier and bigger gas station, again wearing my “kilt” which is probably too flimsy to be called a kilt. The drive from there was longer than I wanted as I had a forced storm stop – heavy rain and hail – about two hours before home. Still, I got home before my wife got home from work. When she came home I was already sitting and sunning in the back yard, waiting for her to share a glass or two of wine with me. It was a good day.

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