Picking Apples

Like Adam before me, I found myself picking apples off a tree wearing nothing but sunshine.

Like Adam before me, I found myself picking apples off a tree wearing nothing but sunshine.

It’s another hot day here on the prairies. After our morning walk I was given a few tasks for the afternoon and evening while my wife went off to work. One of those tasks was to pick some of the apples off the low-hanging branches as they were getting in the way of mowing the lawn. Naturally, I, being who I am, decided to pick the apples skyclad. And no, I wasn’t worried about being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. I wasn’t ashamed of my nakedness like Adam and Eve. And, I am sure that the Creator would have appreciated my being comfortable just how she/he made me. I filled the pail and found that the branches, lighter due to my efforts, took their normal position above our heads so that we could mow the lawn without ducking.

There is no question that passers by on the street which I was facing, could have seen me, but not necessarily my nakedness. After all, there was a fence in the way and an open space between the two houses that stood between myself and the street. I only take reasonable risks as I really have no intention of upsetting people in our little community with my nudity.

When the apples were picked, it was time to pick some rhubarb which my wife will make into some delicious jams and fruit. Later, when it cools off, I will be watering the vegetable garden which is verdant and showing signs of being bountiful this year. Gardening is a traditional prairie past-time in small towns, however it is not so common in larger towns and cities. Gone are the times when people raised or hunted for their food.

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