A Sunny Day On The Prairies

Hiking from home to the Mondau Hills.

Hiking from home to the Mondau Hills.

It has been a good day for me with the sun shining and warmth filling every pore of my body. This morning I drank my morning coffee outside and then meditated before hanging out a few loads of laundry on the clothesline. Of course, everything was done skyclad.

When it was noon, I decided to go for a hike without knowing how far I would hike. I left my home wearing a pair of shorts, a hat, hiking shoes and toed socks while carrying a day bag with two extra pairs of socks, a large bottle of water, and a wrap which my wife made for me for cover-up purposes when necessary.

I walked to the corner, almost a kilometre from my house. At the corner we have friends living on the northwest side of the road. As I turned south, I passed two more farms that are active within a few hundred metres. One and a half kilometres later I crossed a grid road and then walked passed another friends home, one of my golfing buddies.

hiking nude

hiking nude

No one was at home, so once I was passed the row of trees that hid the little used dirt road from his house, off came the shorts (see star). It was a long walk of five kilometres from that point to the base of the Mondau Hills with the last part just a faint tractor trail that wound its way down from the plain towards the old lake bottom which is now hay land.

The journey was quick with five of eight kilometres walked skyclad. Of course I kept my senses alert in case I needed to put on the wrap in order to avoid getting in trouble. Going back was a repeat of the outward bound trail. I stopped before my friend’s house to put my shorts back on and to change my socks. Three hours and fifteen minutes later after walking in full sunlight with a temperature of 28 C. (82 F.), I was back at home. It was a good day for hiking as most of the hay is cut and curing, the crops have all been sprayed, and most people were indoors with their air-conditioners or gone to the lake. Most days this wouldn’t be a possibility for nude hiking with the exception of perhaps the last two kilometres on the outward leg..

Back home, the clothes came off the clothes line, and then I enjoyed some cold ice-tea before heading inside to write up this post. I am looking forward to the next week as sunshine is forecast for each day with temperatures getting even warmer.

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