Naturism And The Search For Self

It is a good day to stay inside where it is dry and warm.

It is a good day to stay inside where it is dry and warm.

As you can see, the weather outside is frightful with the wind gusting up to 100 km/h bending over trees and the rain blurring reality as I look out the window. Inside, my four visiting grandsons are busy with computer games, eating, running around the house and listening to music. This is definitely not one of those peaceful times that one associates with retirement. It is definitely not a day for being skyclad. All of that said, it is a good day because of the presence of my grandchildren, a loving wife and a warm home.

In a few days, silence will again fill the house and the temperature should move from today’s high of 15 C. (60 F.) to a summery high of 30 C. I will have time enough for sunbathing in our yard, and taking hikes into the countryside where I can perhaps hike some of the distance while nude. In the plans are a visit by my wife and I to Helios, a naturist campground community near Edmonton en route to hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by Jasper, Alberta.

An image from Norway that asks this eternal question.

An image from Norway that asks this eternal question.

I have been spending some time writing for a winter project which involves presenting Jungian psychology concepts while interweaving a bit of Buddhism and Naturism into those presentation. The first presentation is all about “self.”

Most people take great pains to create a self-image that they come to believe is the truth about who they are. Teenagers are famous for this as they adopt clothing styles and attitudes that will mark them as individuals, as unique. Yet for all the effort, all we are doing is creating barriers that hide the truth of who we are. We are investing most of our identity in our camouflage. The camouflage is not just the clothing we choose to hide behind; our camouflage involves what we do, our societal roles, our relationship roles, our games with ourselves. We get lost in a minefield that has been created by our minds.

Naturism is one path by which we can begin to recover what we have lost. It isn’t the only thing we need to do if we are to regain the wholeness of self. But, it is a good start.

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