Authentic Relationships Versus Fair-Weather Friends

Walking in water on a hazy and warm, summer day,

Walking in water on a hazy and warm, summer day,

Like most people, naturists often find the weather to be a prime topic, especially when it comes to conversation starters. Perhaps this universal dialogue about weather is more than just a way to break the silence as one reaches out to connect to others. Weather is closely tied to our moods. Here on the Canadian prairies, farmers are focused on weather – what is has been in the past, what the weather is like at the present, and perhaps more importantly, the weather forecast.

Cool and wet summer morning.

Cool and wet summer morning.

As I write this, it is cool and cloudy out with light showers, not what one would call great weather for enjoying a naturist moment out-of-doors. However, it really isn’t as bad as one would think. Risking going out into the cool and wet conditions allows our bodies to feel a wider range of sensation, something that lets us know that we are alive.

Relationships are a lot like the weather. Since we are never able to always hold to one mood, nor are those with whom we engage in a variety of relationships, we learn to navigate through these changes if we are to continue to have relationships. We don’t run off and hide just because the weather changes, that is the conditions of mood and attitude. We all know that we go through dark (cloudy and overcast) moments in our lives. When we emerge through these dark moments, we hope and more often than not, expect others to still be there for us. We don’t want these others to just be fair-weather friends.

This hope is fragile for many of us as we are unsure of our worth to others. So many feel unworthy because of the shadows we try to keep hidden from others, especially those who mean the most to us. If we don’t value ourselves because we have yet to deal with the ghosts and shadows of our inner world, we believe that others would flee from us if our shadows were to emerge and be visible. We are afraid to expose these shades of darkness and be naked and vulnerable. It is much easier to simply hide and deny, and wait for a sunny day.

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