It is finally hot outside

Puma SwimwearToday’s weather makes me think more of the heat in Mexico during January through March. When we left Mexico in early April, we promised that we would shop for bathing suits before the onset of winter in Canada. After all, one needs a bathing suit when on a public beach. Last winter I bought my swimwear in Playa del Carmen, a pair of Puma bikini briefs which sat about 7 cm below my belly button and had 5 cm between the side waistband and the leg.

This year we both have kept true to our words and have gone to the trouble of Marcuse Desiregetting new swimwear. I have just received my new bikini briefs, a pair of black Desire briefs by Marcuse. As I searched through on-line catalogs, I made sure that I vetted choices with my good wife. After all, she will be seeing them on my while I walk along the beaches in Mexico with her. These swimming briefs were her first choice. Like the Puma bikini swimsuit, the side measures about 5 cm. However, the front (and the back to some extent) is a bit briefer than the Pumas. The distance from belly button to the top of the waistband is 13 cm. As you can see, this change will require that I change my grooming habits when these are to be worn. What was hidden is now on public display. Again, the idea is to not offend.

Another thing to consider is the motivation to do the work this autumn so that my abdomen is less paunchy. So far, the spring and summer has allowed me to avoid adding more than a few pounds since our return from Mexico. I actually hope to end up returning to Mexico weighing a few pounds less. Our eating habits and our constant beach walking allow us to find a very comfortable weight – for me, fifteen pounds less than I have weighed on average over the past dozen years. I wouldn’t have been able to wear these bikini swimming briefs a few years ago. So what has made the real difference? The adoption of a naturist life style which is all about respect for nature, the environment and for one’s own body.

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