Being Present In One's Breath

Meditation on the back deck in sunshine.

Meditation on the back deck in sunshine.

It is now warm enough in the morning for me to meditate outdoors again. For those who are new to reading here, I always meditate nude unless I am away from home and must find a somewhat public place to meditate such as in a hostel. Meditation is more than simply sitting still for me. Meditation is an act of freeing myself from my own negative energies that try to convince me that my thoughts are reality.

Thinking again. Yes, the problem with many of us, if not all of us, is that we think and mistake what we are thinking for truths. “I am unworthy because . . .” or “he is evil because he is naked.

As a psychotherapist I have learned long ago that it isn’t what has happened to a person that sends her or him into mental health counselling. Rather, it is what the person thinks about, how the person responds to what has happened. We all know people who make a big deal out of something that, for us, is very insignificant. We can’t understand what the drama is all about for them and so we dismiss them and their suffering. Yet, beneath the surface there are associations that are triggered which links to some ancient pain, a pain that is locked into the head, into the thinking patterns.

Meditation is a vital key to learning how to let go of these thinking scripts and allow a person to be more present in the present, rather than stuck in a past scene that plays over and over again like an old vinyl LP record that gets caught in a groove. The old scripts don’t disappear, they simply lose their power. It all starts with breathing and being present in that breath, being present in the body that breathes.

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