Camping Interlude Is Over

Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.

Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.

I spent a rather quiet four days away from home, quiet that is in terms of connecting to the Internet. I was parked in a campground about eight hours northwest of my home here on the prairies. There was no wifi servers around anywhere and I had no interest in travelling from the campgrounds to a village about twelve kilometres away in order to hunt down a connection.

For one day, I was alone at the campgrounds – no one to talk to face-to-face that I knew. So, I spent my time wandering around a number of seemingly deserted trails through the forest near the lake’s edge. When at my camper, I cooked, did the dishes, read a good book and then played a bit of Spider Solitaire when my focus for reading was gone.

On the second day my son and grandson came at midday bringing an end to the intense quietness. My grandson loves playing and his favourite play buddy is yours truly. Until he left on day four, we fished, we played in the sand, we got wet in the lake, we hiked, we ate wild strawberries and chased squirrels and rabbits. Then, when he was tired out from the intense activity, we relaxed beside the campfire. So, it was with a bit of sadness on both our parts when it was time for him to go back home. Later that same afternoon, I followed suit and drove home, looking forward to being at home with my good wife.

Today I am tired. I managed to do some tasks needing my attention such as the trimming of the hedge, cleaning out the camping trailer, downloading and taking care of photos. My wife and I then went for a ten kilometre walk after lunch and now we are taking it easy. Anything else that needs doing can wait until tomorrow.

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