Planning Naked Poetry Book 2

Sharing the view of the Canadian prairies with a few mosquitoes.

Sharing the view of the Canadian prairies with a few mosquitoes. 

My wife and I went for a walk, a hike actually, down country roads on the prairies, yesterday. Some of the roads were gravel and some were simply dirt roads. We are trying to get our bodies in better shape so that in a year from now we will be able to take part in a 1,000 kilometre long walk in Spain, most of that walk being on the famous Camino de Santiago.

But the training aside, when we find scenes like this, it is hard not to take out the camera and capture it. I have a feeling that this image will feature importantly in the next Naked Photography book which should be ready by late autumn.

This time around, I am looking for something different in terms of photos and perhaps even some of the poetry. My wife is taking part in the discussions about photos. So, for this book, I am thinking of giving her the final say in terms of photography for the poetry. She loves this photo, which if I can make it fit, could potentially be the photo for the book’s cover. As for the poems themselves, they have been written. As with the last book, I have Will Forest of “nudescribe” fame taking on the role of editing the poetry so that whatever emerges is a bit more polished.

3 thoughts on “Planning Naked Poetry Book 2

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  2. That is such a neat picture! What a view. And the two of you embracing and literally swallowed up in such beauty. It must have been so – not sure of the right word here – soul satisfying.


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