Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day from the Skyclad Therapist.

Happy Canada Day from the Skyclad Therapist.

Yes, it is Canada Day, our national holiday, a day for family to have a good excuse to get together. We are lucky this year to have our first born come with her sons, their girlfriends, and a spare friend of the boys just because he is almost part of the family.

Our Canada Day celebrations have been changing as our family changes. Our second born is camping with her family in the USA where they live in preparation for Independence Day celebrations there. It feels strange not to have all of our three children here for a family gathering, but we realise that traditions must change as we go through life stages as individuals and as families.

That said, some things remain the same for us. My good wife and I spent some time this morning after we had breakfast coffee on our back deck, putting up our Canada Day flags and such. With meditation, then breakfast done, it was time to cut up vegetables, and prepare foods for the meal that we will enjoy with our daughter and five hungry teenagers. Now, it is all about waiting. Naturally, with a few moments on my hands, I found the time to post this for you.

Happy Canada Day!

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