Road Closed

There once was a road here, but now, it is a part of prairie history.

There once was a road here, but now, it is a part of prairie history.

I went for a prairie walk today as the sun came out and the temperatures told me to get out and pay homage to the sun. I drove out of town about seven kilometres to the south and parked the little Toyota on a dirt road just before the road ends at the entrance to the prairie hills. A walk, au naturel, for two and a half kilometres took me to this sign. “Road Closed.”

The walk allowed me to photograph numerous wildflowers and prairie scenes that met the eye as I walked down what used to be the road. If you look carefully, you can see the evidence of that previous dirt road that has now been claimed by weeds, mud and birds for the most part. There were deer tracks that told me of other visitors. However, there were no car tracks or footprints or even tractor tread marks. Some of the old trail has been re-claimed as farmland with a crop of wheat now growing in old ruts.

Naturism is like a “road closed” sign that warns us not to go this way. However, it is just these places that take us back to nature and allow us to find our own nature, our own natural way of being in our skin. I am not the best at following rules that deny one’s humanity, that deny the right to simply be natural. For me, the road that leads to naturism is opening more and more.

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