Oh Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sometimes it is just too cool and wet to enjoy outdoor naturism.

Sometimes it is just too cool and wet for outdoor naturism.

Brrr! I have to admit that I am getting tired of this un-summer like weather. If I was younger and impatient – well, that is less patient than I am in my senior years – I might be filled with anger and resentment towards the weather and life in general. The good news is that I am old enough to realise that there is nothing personal in the weather, no god of rain who is pissed off at me.

The cold and damp weather has forced me to constantly revise my plans so far this spring and summer to date. For example, this is the second time I have had to call and cancel my trailer rental at the Green Haven Sun Club that is four hours from my home. The forecast for there, as well as here, is for cool temperatures, cloud cover, and rain.

So what does a naturist do when the conditions warrant some other kind of activity? I can’t answer for all naturists, but there is always the warm comfort of one’s home. For myself, there are so many things that beg my attention, admittedly, mostly in a clothed condition such as attending the high school graduation of my first grandchild yesterday. There were brief interludes between rain squalls in which I got to take a host of outdoor photos with him and his girlfriend. Between the weather conditions and the mosquitoes, clothes were actually a blessing. After all, this is Canada, and I am living on the Canadian prairies.

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